Projects - Permaculture Innovations


Aya Nature Centre

Currently we are working on the design of Aya Nature Centre, a community based ecovillage, which is to be self-sustainable and self-providing in income and products. Also, a lot of

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Forest garden in Breda, Netherlands

Forest garden, Breda, Netherlands (Dutch below) A small forestgarden, with lots of flowering and medicinal herbs, great for insects and ourselves. Bostuin, Breda, Netherlands Een kleine bostuin, met veel bloeiende

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Ecological garden construction in Zutphen, Netherlands

We made an ecological garden with a big pergola for climbing plants and shade, and walls made from recycled bricks and stones, with spaces in between for beneficial insects to

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Transformed overgrown garden in Nijmegen, Netherlands

We heavilly thinned an overgrown Prunus Laurocerasis, and made a nice space underneath for sitting and sculpting, shaded from sun and rain.

Treeworking and surgery

Treeworking (dutch below) In the pictures shown below, u see how we cut-down sick, dead or old pioneer trees. Old pioneer trees are cut to make space for more durable,

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Ecological Prairiegarden in Rijsbergen, Netherlands

We made a garden with lots flowering herbs for cooking and medicinal use, which flower all year long, inter-planted with perennial vegetables. Both beneficial insects and humans love it! The

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